Making Men do what I want


My god, it seems like every day I discover something new about myself. In this new life I’ve created I’m a pretty pliant woman. Believe it or not it’s kind of easy to get me to do what you want. I tell everyone which buttons to push. I want them to know. I am a woman who LOVES to have her buttons pushed. But lately something funny has been going on. I mean, this is a choice that I made, you know what I mean? It’s one of those things that nobody in my life would have thought was the right choice for me. I did and went with it and it’s been nothing but right. I’ve totally reclaimed myself. I am no longer a kept woman. I am my own woman, goddamnit. And I’m finding that that’s the way I like it. Because, you know, I’ve also discovered that it’s easy to make MEN do what I want. It makes you wonder that a woman would ever get married. I mean, I have men now jumping for the chance to shower gifts and money on me. It’s incredible. You think that’s not empowering? You’re damn straight it is. I have more money, more sex and more attention than I ever had before. Ever since I began, I’ve been thinking, if anything, why didn’t I do this before? Still no use crying over spilt milk…so to speak. (I’ve seen more ‘milk’ spilt in the past two months than I had in the previous ten years!) MILF? Ha. They should change it into MINF. Mother In Need of Fucking. I need action. I want action. And now I’m getting action. And one thing I’ve learned is that this new life has given me a new sense of myself. Now I tell men what I want. And they listen. So call me big boy…and listen.


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