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I am going to FUCK that Boy!!!

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There’s this boy. He’s so young. He can’t be more than twenty. He works at the local supermarket as a bag boy. I go through whatever line he’s working on just to say hi to him. He always gives me a big smile. He always undresses me with his eyes when he doesn’t think I’m looking. He always turns away suddenly and tries to pretend he was doing something else when I catch him. He always blushes when I wink at him. Every time. It’s like a little ritual we have. Sometimes I ask him to take my groceries to the car. He does. He never speaks but somehow, someway he always manages to find a way to brush up against me. It’s always so “inadvertent”, an accident. This last time, though, earlier today, I didn’t let him get away with it. When the skin of his forearm, or his hip or whatever was going to lightly brush against me I turned suddenly and bumped into him with my breasts…and did not move. He knew and I knew what was going on. I just looked at him and didn’t move. His mouth opened as though he was going to say something. His eyes were so large I could almost fall into them. I let my fingers do the walking up his crotch. He inhaled sharply and didn’t breathe out. His bulge writhed like a snake in his pants. I smiled and pulled away. I could have asked him to do anything in that moment and he would have done it. Little did he know that I was as turned on as he was. I gave him a ten dollar tip and walked around to the driver seat. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “You can move now,” I said, “thanks for your help.” I got in and drove off. In the rearview mirror I watched him watching me.

I’m going to fuck that boy.

The Good Housewife

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deviantdeb230I remember the last straw. It’s almost too cliché to even tell someone else. But I was at home, being the good little housewife and the mailman came by. I had been cleaning and I had an old throw away button down shirt on and some cut-off shorts. The door bell rang and I answered it. The mail man was there and I swear, I didn’t even think of myself as being dressed particularly suggestively. But there was no mistaking that look in his eyes or the feeling of those eyes burning up and down my body. I almost wanted to cover myself but I was already covered! All this happened in the space of maybe two seconds but both of us were aware of it. He stammered “C-can you sign for this?” I couldn’t believe how hot my face was as I stammered back, “W-why yes, I can.” The next few seconds took place in complete silence. I held the paper against the door as I signed it and I was so aware of how my ass filled my shorts to capacity. I couldn’t help but feel him undressing me with his eyes. I couldn’t help but notice the rush of excitement that slammed through me like a tidal wave. I know I was red as I tried to nonchalantly give back the form and said, “Thank you.” He smiled very innocuously, there was the most barely perceptible pause and then he left.

All day I thought about that damn mailman. As I cleaned the dishes and separated the whites from the colors and washed the windows I could still feel his eyes on me. I could feel his hands on me. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my well lubed pussy. Think there’s more? Oh yes, there’s more…

Cum and see me Here

What they don’t tell you

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It’s all about love, isn’t it? Isn’t that way they tell all of us when we’re little girls? They drive home again and again all of the fairy tales, all of the myths about true love. They tell us that if you’re pretty and you’re good – but don’t forget pretty – that there is someone out there especially for you. That you will meet a man who will fulfill your every need and take you away on his white charger and you will live happily ever after. I don’t even know what happily ever after means. I mean, I’m not against it. If you feel like you have a romance with swelling music and soft screens more power to you. If pretty flowers and boxes of chocolates bring you to your knees, please, by all means have yourself a ball.

But when they’re telling you those lies when you’re little girl they don’t tell you about breasts that are aching to be touched, they don’t tell you about your vagina desperate to be filled. They don’t tell you that sometimes you get married and you wake up one day and you might have a husband but you don’t have a man. On those cold and lonely mornings you can stay in your bed curled up in the fetal position or you can pick yourself up and go do something about it.

I chose the latter. I took my life into my own hands and made some hard decisions. Now the time has come for you to do your part. I need a stiff dick and a bad attitude. I need someone to come along and tell me the things that I don’t think I want to hear…but I do. I need someone to grab me by the hair and make me do the things my husband is too timid to make me do. That’s you cue. Call…