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The Best decision ever…

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Wow, where do I begin? This is already turning out to be the best decision of my life — outside of having my kids. There’s nothing like being appreciated. All I want is to be appreciated for what I bring to the table. And you can take one look at me and see what I bring to the table: tits, hips and the mouth of the gods. Oh yeah, I said it. When I’m in the mood I can suck a golf ball through a hundred feet of garden hose. When am I in the mood? When there’s finally a man who will take the time to recognize what a bad, bad girl I am. Is that so much to ask? I mean, you know how it is boys. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be here. Do you feel like your wife or your girlfriend takes you for granted? Do you feel like you’re a volcano waiting to explode? Do you feel like as hard as you work, as much time as you put in at the grindstone, it would be nice once in a while to not go home to somebody who can’t wait to nag about where you were, where’s the money for the mortgage, the rent, the bills, the kid? Do you ever think “Shit, just once I would like to get off work and go home and have some hot chick ready to fuck the living shit out of me?” Well, let me tell you something, baby. Sometimes those hot chicks are going through the same agony, and we wish we had a man to come home and give us the respect we deserve. My husband comes home and the first thing he does is turn on the goddamn television. I want someone to come home and the first thing he does is turn me on. See to it, big man. Pick up the phone…


Are you Man enough for ME???

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What are you waiting for? Are you going to make me beg? Is that what you want? Well, you’re not gonna get it. I’m through with begging, pleading, crying for some man to give me what I want. Now I give the orders, now I make the demands. You can take one look and tell that I’ve got the goods. I’m not shy about saying it and I’m not shy about putting them to the test. Maybe you think you’re the one? Really? You know, you’re not the first. Many a man has tried and failed to take me and make me his own. Right now, the man snoring behind me on the bed thinks I’m just his dutiful little housewife looking up recipes to surprise him with. He doesn’t know that I’m on here chomping at the bit, looking for a reason to be bad and a man to do it with. Trust me, if you’re looking for a wife, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a girlfriend, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on, look elsewhere. I have needs baby, and I want them to be met. I’m through being patient, I’m through being sweet and taking care of everybody else. Now I want someone to be taking care of me. Paying my bills is not nearly enough. Paying my rent is not nearly enough. Frankly, one thing I’m realizing is that if push comes to shove I don’t need a man to do any of that. I just take that because I can. But he’s not nearly man enough for a woman like me. He doesn’t even want to be. Do you? Hm, I can’t tell from here. I’m a show me kind of girl, sugar. Sorry, that’s just the way I was raised. So come on, let’s play a little game of call and tell…

I want you… you know it!!

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I can feel your eyes on me. When I’m brushing my hair at my vanity I see you standing behind me in the mirror. I feel your hands on my neck. I feel your breath in my ear whispering to me. Just the tone of your voice alone tells me everything I need to know about your intentions. I’m blushing. You always make me blush when you sneak up on me like this, when all I’m wearing is a shear see-through nightie. It’s like the only thing between me and adultery is a whisper. Oh no, you can see my nipples grow hard through the thin fabric. You know my head shaking belies the truth the rest of my body is telling you. The goose bumps that appear on my skin at your touch make you laugh quietly with the knowledge of your power. Slowly, stealthily you curl your hand around my long, golden hair. Then, with a sudden show of force you yank my head and my mouth opens in a gasp. I try to scream, to protest but with your tongue down my throat, well, it’s difficult to say the least. Your hands take full liberties with my body, kneading my breasts, working my nipples, sliding down my belly. I try and hold my legs together but I don’t have the leverage with your tongue in my mouth. You are so, so strong. You yank my legs apart and before I can stop you your hand reaches me down there. You feel I’m moist and the truth you knew all along is revealed. I want you. You know it. And now I know you know it and there’s nothing for me to do but to be true to myself. We’re staring at each other through the mirror of my vanity as night gown slides to the floor. Downstairs we hear my husband come in through the front door…

I’m a real women

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Okay, here we go. I’m nervous I have to admit. Bear with me. I don’t consider myself a writer. But shit, this is my site, right? I can just be myself. That’s all you boys want, right? Is me to be me? Lord knows, I don’t have to fake it. I’ve done waaaaaayy too much of that in my life. No, this is the real me: real tits, real curves, real wants, needs and desires. I’m a real woman.

And god, I like to fuck.

Yeah, I guess that’s one I should add. I’m real bad. As in, I’m a really, really bad girl. I’m oh so naughty. I’m worse nowadays because I’ve been good for way too long. It’s tough, you know? You feel like you have duties, responsibilities. And you do! There’s no denying that. But at some point isn’t your most important duty or responsibility to yourself? If that makes me a bad girl, so be it. The moment has arrived for some quality Me Time.

And that – oh my god, I can’t believe I’m writing this – brings me to you. Yes, you, you reading this right now, I’m talking about you. Don’t you see this is not an accident? You were meant to find me right here, at this moment in time, waiting for you. Don’t you see how your desire led you through all of your life, through work, through family, through distractions, through everything…to find me here? Let’s not talk about families, let’s not talk about responsibilities. I am so done with that right now. Look at me. Look at these lips, these full and heavy breasts, these real-woman curves. You know what a body like this is built for. I know what a man like you needs. There’s no reason to wait. There’s nothing here but fear…and atmosphere. Pick up the phone…